Saturday, April 15, 2017

Innocent or Ignorant? Part 4

After a bit of a haitus, I am finally finishing my last point with keeping children innocent or igorant. I had kids with the flu (the real stuff, not the stomach bug). Then, I got sick with it. Then, it was Spring Break. Then, I just got busy. 

Here is another thought in my continuing quest to explain keeping children innocent or ignorant of sexual things. I've discussed the definitions of innocence and ignorance and the idea of "robbing" children of innocence. I've also even included a point about the inadvertant messages children get about their bodies from keeping them "innocent." Now............

4. Does your child use the internet AT ALL (for school, homework, computer games, etc)?

The average age for first exposure to pornography was age 11 in the 2005-2010 research range. It has now decreased to age 9. How old is your child? Did you know that 90% of children ages 8-16 have seen pornography (and that it happens most often when doing research for school work)? That means 9 OUT OF 10 children have seen pornography by age 16, which means ONLY 1 in 10 has not seen pornography (possibly). It's hard to get real statistics about this stuff because some kids won't admit to seeing it. With all the new technology and social media, research also doesn't catch up to "real" time. A study published this year would have been doing the actual surveying or whatnot to get the statistics a couple years ago. This means, I believe, that the percentage of children exposed to pornogrpahy is actually higher. Also, the age could be younger. Hmmmm, scary thought.

You may pat yourself on the back and say, "that's my child, that last 1 out of 10 that's still 'innocent.'" But, I'm not willing to risk it. If my doctor says I have a 1 in 10 chance of living from a disease, I would be pretty scared. Would you get a flu shot if it was only likely to be effective in 10% of the population, 1 in 10? That's ridiculous. I want my children armed with knowledge (did you know that is one of the ways to put on the armor of God, with the girdle of truth? Well, you can't have truth if you don't have knowledge). The prophets and apostles have told us to be prepared. We can't be prepared if we don't know what we're preparing for. I'm preparing my children to understand the proper place for sex in a marital relationship. I'm preparing my children to enter the temple. I'm doing the best teaching I can because I know when my kids are teenagers they need to be prepared for the world. They also need to be prepared for it NOW. Even if you try to hide your kids in a box, something can break that box. I want my kids to live outside the box and learn how to navigate properly, to find the right roads. Then, they are able to freely move and know which roads are safe to travel to escape if needed.

Our children are growing up in a world where homosexual marriages are allowed by law, transgender individuals are fighting for use of any bathroom, and cohabitation is the means to marriage or how you live with your loved one. Not matter how you try to put your child in a box, they will have to live in the world. Even if you homeschool, they will one day be working with someone who may be very different from the values you want for your child. You may think, well, my child will be able to deal with that when they are older, but for now they need to be innocent. That is not innocence; that is ignorance. If you don't start a dialogue young, you are missing your opportunity. Keep them innocent by teaching them the gospel and sexuality's role in it; NOW. Innocence is not a measure of not knowing, but knowing enough to understand their own values and follow them, to shun the world!

So, I am
1. Not Taking Innocence, but Avoiding Ignorance
2. Not Robbing Childhood, but Giving Wisdom
3. Not Closing Communication, but Being Accessible
4. Not Taking a Chance, but Developing a Plan