Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sensational Skin

Our four-year-old was getting dressed in his room. He was naked lying on his floor and did a sort of preschooler push up. He realized that he could feel the carpet against his penis and held his body for a second where he could continue to feel it. I was rifling through his closet to get his clothes and encourage him to get dressed (the kid loves to be naked). He looked up at me with surprise and said,

Z: "Mom, how can I feel the carpet on my penis when I don't have a bone there?!?!"
Me: "Well, do bones feel?"
Z: "Yes."
Me: "Remember, bones are inside your body and help you move. It holds the shape of your body. Muscles and bones work together to help you move. Your skin is for feeling touches. When you want to feel something what do you use?"
Z: "My hands."
Me: Yes, we feel with our hands, but it's our skin that feels the sensations like hot or cold, soft or rough. Your penis has skin, so you can feel with it."
Z: "Oh wow! I didn't know that!"

He did another push up and got dressed. It was a matter-of-fact learning moment for him. He loves learning about how his body works.

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