Saturday, August 6, 2016

S-E-X in School Part 2

In the last few months, we've had several opportunities to discuss with our oldest issues regarding sex. It seems that boys in fourth grade have an intense interest in body parts and sex. Our son is sometimes coming home confused. After a few conversations about how kids at school were talking about sex, I asked

M: Is sex bad?
K: Well, yeah. It's a bad word, almost like a swear word at school. You get in trouble if you say it at school.
M: Does that make sex bad? Do you remember what sex is for?
K: Yes. It's to make babies.
M: That's one reason. Is it bad to have babies?
K: Well, no. It's not bad to have babies.
M: It's really good to have babies and families. Sex is also really good for a husband and wife. It's good for their relationship. Do you remember that?
K: Then, why do the kids talk about it like it's a bad, secret thing?
M: Why do you think?
K: Maybe their parents don't talk to them or something. Maybe they don't know it's good!
M: I think those are probably very real reasons. But, I want you to know that sex is really good! God gave us bodies and one of the great things we can do with our bodies is create a family, starting with a husband and wife. This is also the best way for a husband and wife to grow closer together too!
K: Thanks for talking to me. I'm glad you tell me about it.

I asked him this question because I was getting the sense (I think it was a spiritual prompting) that he was beginning to wonder if sex was bad. The questions he was asking, and the body language and tone he would use as he described what he was seeing gave me an indication that he needed a little refresher conversation on the positive power of sex.

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