Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Full House

As a family, we've enjoyed watching the Full House series. We were watching an episode where the three girls in the family, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, are growing up. DJ was16, Stephanie was 10, and Michelle was 6i in the episode we were watching. DJ was dating Steve exclusively and they had been dating for 6 months. Stephanie was playing baseball and had a good male friend on the team. Stephanie and her male friend planned a dinner out that included going to a baseball game. DJ teased her about it being a date. Stephanie then started freaking out and tried to fulfill what she thought were the requirements of a first date. She dressed nicer and tried to talk about more "romantic" things with her friend. Then, she ended the date with giving him a quick kiss. There was a good lesson already imbedded in the episode, which was that Stephanie didn't need to try and kiss a boy because she thought she was supposed to. She should kiss a boy when she felt ready.

After the episode, my wonderful hubby started a conversation with the children. Our oldest son is 10-years-old, just like Stephanie in the episode. He definitely has a crush on a girl at school, but kissing and dating are still far from his mind. Our 7-year-old daughter was also part of the conversation. Our 4-year-old was present, but not quite understanding what was going on. My husband asked the kids what they had seen in that episode that were different from what we believe about dating and relationships. Our 10-year-old said that the kissing DJ was doing at the end of the episode was something that should happen after being married because it was long. (Yeah! One point for our son! Not that we were actually counting points) Our daughter said that Stephanie was too young to be dating. (Yeah! One point for our daughter! Our son also knew it was too young, but did think it was seventeen that we start dating....fine by me) My husband asked how old DJ was and what kind of dating she was doing. Our son mentioned she was only dating one boy. (Yeah! Two points for our son). We had a great impromptu lesson on group dating and why we begin dating later than some people. We also pointed out that in the show, the family is very nice and has good values. Many people around us have good values, but don't believe as we do about dating. We need to be respectful of their choices, but also follow our own standards. I love Full House! It's given us a few opportunities to discuss things with our children. I miss television shows that always end with a lesson. At least we have Netflix for some classics from my childhood!

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