Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's a ding dong?

Our oldest learns some......different things at school. Recently he came home and asked at dinner:

K: Mom, what's a ding dong?
M: Actually, that's not really appropriate to discuss at the dinner table. How about we talk about that a little later, before bed. (I could tell this was not a treat he was asking about.)
K: Okay.

We didn't get a chance that night to discuss his question, but I had a doctor appointment with him a couple days later where I was able to have some time alone with him.

M: Remember how you asked me what a ding dong was?
K: Yeah. What is it?
M: What was happening when you heard this?
K: Well, Mark (name changed) was saying at recess, "Do you want to touch my ding dong?" to the other boys. They were all laughing.
M: What do you think it means?
K: I'm not sure. Something bad I think.
M: Well, it's a not nice name for a penis.
K: Okay.......................Why would they say that? I don't get it.
M: What don't you get?
K: Why they talk about their penis that way. It just doesn't make sense.
M: Well, maybe it's not okay to talk about these body parts at their house, so they find it mysterious or something. They just don't know much about it or who to ask, so they make up or hear things that are inappropriate.
K: Why wouldn't their mom or dad talk to them?
M: I don't know. Sometimes it's uncomfortable for parents to talk about.
K: Well, I'm glad you talk to me. If these body parts are good, why do they talk about them like they are bad?
M: That is an excellent question. They just don't understand like you do that these body parts are made by God for special reasons. You understand these reasons. They are body parts that need care, just like the rest of your body, but they also give you something special. Maybe they will understand later. You can always be a good example for them or walk away when they say things that make you uncomfortable.

I came away from this conversation feeling so grateful that, not only does he know the proper names for his body parts and the reasons for them, but he understands it so well that he doesn't understand why other kids make fun of or mislabel body parts.