Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthing A Baby

Apparently, our oldest didn't realize a few things related to the birth of a baby. He seemed to know the information (at least I thought he did), but it just didn't "click." After his recent interest in puberty and body changes, we found a book for him to refer to when he had questions. He knows he can talk to us, but he also has another resource that explains things in a different way. He's also had an increased appetite for knowledge about the creation of a child. I am so thankful for books and the opportunity to keep an open communication because I didn't realize he had a gap in his knowledge. He was voraciously reading the books he chose about puberty and birth. They came with a few more detailed pictures, like the drawn pictures of a woman in childbirth where the baby is starting the birth process (totally appropriate picture). The pictures are what finally helped some of his information "click."

K: How does a baby come out of that little hole??? It's just so tiny!
Me: Well, yes it is. Where did you think the baby was born?
K: Well, maybe out of the belly button or something.
Me: (Thinking - really!?!?!?!?!?! I can ask him where the baby is born and he says the birth canal or vagina. How did he not understand the place I was referring to was NOT the belly button. He knows the purpose of the belly button, too. Or rather, that the belly button is where the umbilical cord takes food to the baby. Seriously!?!?!?!?!?). Do you remember that the uterus is like a balloon?
K: Well, yeah.
Me: There's only one way for sperm to go in to get a baby started. There's only one way for the baby to be born. That's the vagina, between a woman's legs.
K: I know that, but I didn't realize the baby came out of such a tiny hole. Does it hurt?
Me: Yes. It can squeeze a bit. Then, I have you!
K: That's just amazing.
Me: Yes, it is. Heavenly Father created some amazing bodies for us, didn't he?
K: Yeah.

This was a moment where I realized just how important constant dialogue about birth, babies, and puberty is for my children. He could recite the information to me, but somehow there was something not connecting correctly. I was grateful for those books that could help clear up a misunderstanding!

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