Saturday, January 30, 2016

Avoiding Temptation

Recently, my bishop requested I read a BYU speech he came across. I've been serving with the Young Women for about a year and a half. I love my calling and we are trying to find approachable ways to teach the young women about dating, sexuality, and relationships. I felt so strongly about the information in this BYU speech and the approachable and understandable way he presented the information. Here is an excerpt......
"It is easier to avoid temptation than it is to resist temptation.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

To illustrate the wisdom of this principle, let’s suppose my great temptation in life is chocolate chip cookies and I’m trying to conquer the temptation. It is easier for me not to have the cookies in the house than it is to walk through the front door and smell two dozen of them fresh out of the oven—warm, moist, and smelling good. At that moment I am no longer simply fighting temptation; I am also fighting chemistry. The aroma triggers the pleasure center of my brain. My mouth begins to water in preparation for the cookies. With each tempting breath my resistance grows weaker as my craving grows stronger and my appetite begins to overpower my reason and resolve.
My other self—the one that is carnal3—argues in favor of the cookies: “You know, dieting doesn’t have to mean deprivation. It’s your overall effort that counts, and one cookie certainly isn’t going to blow your diet.” With my pleasure center activated, I don’t need much convincing, and I yield to the cookie’s enticing aroma.
How easy is it to stop when that first cookie only intensified your appetite rather than satisfied it? That same voice says, “Well, you’ve blown it now! You may as well enjoy yourself and recommit to your diet tomorrow.” So after I’ve eaten about six cookies, maybe with a glass of milk, I begin to feel remorseful about breaking my resolution and diet."
Here is the link...Avoid It by Lynn G Robbins
Just!!!! It's well worth the time. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Misunderstood or Misinterpreted

After the incident with our oldest son taking a copy of my book on Teaching Children about Sex, I brought home an armful of books from the library. Some of them were about puberty and some were about sex. He was so excited to read through them all and see which one he thought would be most beneficial for him. I had previewed all the books and was okay with the material in them, except one page on one book. I still brought it home, just so I could discuss the topic with him.

He quickly chose a book about sex and babies: Sex & Babies First Facts by Jane Annunziata

He took a while to decide between two books about puberty and asked his dad which one he thought would have helped him as a child. This is the one he chose with his dad: The Body Book for Boys by Rebecca Paley and Grace Norwich.

He was voraciously reading when he first received the books. He had a lot of questions. Now, weeks later, his appetite for knowledge seems to be satiated. He hasn't asked a question in a couple weeks. As he read these books, he came across some information he was happy to understand better. I didn't realize he had a mistaken idea. He somehow thought (even with our balloon analogies with the uterus) that a baby came out of the mother's belly. He seemed to think a baby was surgically born every time. He came to me one day soon after after receiving the book. He said, "Wow, mom! I thought the baby came out of here (pointing to his belly). I didn't realize it came out of a little hole!"

REALLY!!!!!! Where were you when we were discussing how the vagina is a little opening that is used for the baby getting started and when it's born, like a balloon???????? Obviously there had been a disconnect in his mind with some of the information he had been learning and I was very happy to correct his misinformation.

Another fabulous side effect of these books was that he believes them! The Body Book for Boys talks about eating healthy and getting enough sleep as things he can do now to prepare his body for the changes that will happen. He was explaining everything he read and telling me how he was going to accomplish goals he was making to prepare his body.

I love having these types of resources so he can get another perspective or information I may not think to discuss with him.