Monday, April 6, 2015

Pippin Probe: Part 3

After a couple of days, I was feeling like I should answer one of our son's questions about Pippin a little more thoroughly. I didn't feel like the answer we gave him was adequate. We want our children to really understand what it means to follow the spirit. It is absolutely appropriate to go back and respond to a question that you've already answered if you feel you need to clarify something, or add to it. Here is the question we revisited:

K: Yeah. Well, didn't you have a feeling beforehand that the show was going to be bad? (WHAT AN EXCELLENT QUESTION!!!!!)
M&D: You know, we did our research and tried to figure out if it was appropriate. We didn't get a feeling while we were getting the tickets, but we definitely felt like we should leave during the show.

On the way home from church one day, I had my moment to bring it up. We were talking about what the kids learned at church. Our 9-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were telling stories they learned. Our daughter had talked about baptism. I knew this was a good moment to talk about the Holy Ghost and re-answer our son's question.

M: K and A ( our six year old daughter), remember when we were talking about Pippin and you asked about if we got a feeling before the show that it was bad?

K and A: Yes.

M: Well, I feel like I should give you a better answer. (I should have asked what they remembered from the previous answer, but forgot). When we are baptized we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. That's why you asked the question. You want to know how the Holy Ghost works and Heavenly Father. Well, mom and dad aren't perfect, but we try hard to follow the gospel. We did everything we knew how to do to figure out if the show was appropriate. Heavenly Father knows that. He also knows who we are and what we'll do. Heavenly Father knew that we wouldn't like the show and wouldn't be tempted to do anything bad by seeing it. He allowed us to make a mistake to learn. We learned that we are strong enough to leave an inappropriate show, even when we're with our friends. We also learned that we can have fun and get the spirit back by not allowing a mistake to decide our evening. What are you thinking?

K: Even adults make mistakes. I will try not to go to anything inappropriate.

M: That's great, but if you do you can repent and fix it.

A: I would leave an inappropriate show. I would ask my friends to come with me. If they didn't I would leave anyway and wait for you to come.

M: That would be a wise choice.

To other moms and dads......I wouldn't want anyone to go out and experience this for the sake of having a discussion with a child, but I feel like one of the greatest blessings that came from this experience was the opportunity to have such an incredible teaching moment (many moments and little lessons, really) to share with my children.

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