Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gym Games

K (our 9-year-old son) was riding in the car with me on the way home from karate (I can't stress how much I love this 20 minute drive because we have the most interesting conversations).

K: Mom, what does gay mean?
M: I look back at him at the stop light and he is playing a game on the iPad that has a word that looks like guy on it. "Do you mean guy?"
K: "No, gay. At school a kid said, 'That is so gay.' What does that mean?"
M: "Oh. It's a slang term, like people say, 'oh my goodness!' But, when people use this term it usually means something uncool or not kind."
K: "Oh."
M: "What was happening when you heard this?"
K: "I'm trying to make a rocket with the physics app."  pause.......... "We were in gym and the teacher was explaining our game. We had to take a ball and pass it over our head to get it from the person in front of us and under our legs to the person behind us. Bob (name has been changed) said, 'That is so gay."
M: "What did the teacher say?"
K: "Nothing."
M: "Oh. Well, it's a not nice way of saying something is not cool. You know how mom and dad love each other in a romantic, marriage-type way?"
K: "Yeah."
M: "Well, there are men that love men in a romantic, marriage-type way. They are called gay. When Bob said, 'That's so gay," he was saying that it was acting like those men to get so close physically to someone else to give the ball to them. You know how mom and dad like to hug and kiss and cuddle close?
K: Yeah.
M: "Well, gay men like to get physically close in a way like mom and dad do. Bob was saying that in a mean way to show the teacher he didn't like the activity you were doing. Some people aren't very nice to gay people, who are men that love men in a romantic, marriage-type way. We believe that men and women should have that romantic, marriage-type love, but that doesn't mean we should be mean to people that think differently. We should respect everyone, even if we believe that a man and woman are designed by God to love and marry. Everyone is able to make their own choices."

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