Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pippin the.......Pornographic Musical?!?!?!?! Part 1

My husband and I recently went to a broadway show called Pippin the Musical. Before we bought our tickets, we tried to find reviews about the show. All the reviews raved about how great it was. The Pippin website said,"Pippin may be inappropriate for children 8 and under." We had a hard time finding the storyline, but the trailer and pictures gave every indication it was a show about a circus. With it being appropriate for our older children, according to the website, we decided it should be appropriate for us. Well........the show did have circus tricks. However, the storyline was overly sexual. There were innumerable sexual innuendos, which made us uncomfortable. The second act (from the booklet they give you at the musical, which we couldn't find online) seemed like it might be more tame than the first. So, we began the second act. We were shocked to see that it was worse than the first act. When they had a bedroom scene on stage, we left. We should have left sooner. I couldn't believe broadway could be so pornographic. There were kids at the show.

The next day our 9-year-old son, who knew how excited we were to go on a nice date, asked about the show. Here is our conversation:

K: Did you have fun last night? How was the show?
M&D: Well, we had fun on our date with our friends, but the show was very inappropriate. It had a lot of sexual stuff in it that made us uncomfortable. We ended up walking out.
K: Really?
M&D: Yeah, it was hard to get up and leave because we didn't know how our friends were feeling and what they wanted to do, but we felt better when we left. The show was just really inappropriate.
K: That's disappointing.
M&D: It was very disappointing, but we still had fun with our friends. We didn't let it ruin our night. We got to talk and have a good time.
K: Did they leave too?
M&D: Well, some of them did, but the others stayed in because they were afraid of walking that close to the balcony in the dark (one of them had surgery on her legs the day before and was unsteady on her feet. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to walk steadily in the dark. We were on the first row on the balcony and it was a long way down). She said she would have left if she felt she could walk safely.
K: That's good.
M&D: Yeah, did you know that you can leave something anytime if makes you uncomfortable. We paid a lot of money to see that show, but we didn't let that or our friends stop us from leaving when we felt like we needed to go.
K: Yeah. Well, didn't you have a feeling beforehand that the show was going to be bad? (WHAT AN EXCELLENT QUESTION!!!!!)
M&D: You know, we did our research and tried to figure out if it was appropriate. We didn't get a feeling while we were getting the tickets, but we definitely felt like we should leave during the show.

We felt like this was such a good experience for us (the conversation), that we decided to take it further and have a family home evening lesson using an article in the Friend this month. I am going to put a series of posts related to this musical we used to teach our children. This was Part 1........

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