Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm Going to Find the Right Roar

Our oldest LOVES the song "Roar" by Katy Perry. He heard me and his father talking about how the music video was inappropriate. Of course he asks:

K: "Why is the Katy Perry music video inappropriate?"
Me: "The song isn't really about sex, but the way Katy Perry moves and dresses for the music video is trying to make people think about sex."
K: "Oh. Why would she do that?"
Me: "She thinks she'll have more people like her music if she acts that way. Some people do like to watch that kind of stuff, but we consider it pornographic (he knows what pornography is, but I could have asked if he remember what that meant here). The song has a great message, but the way she makes the music video doesn't help you think about the great words and meaning of the song." 
K: "I understand that."
Me: "Also, you understand about sex. Sex is a great way for a man and woman to express their love for each other, but she is trying to make it for everyone. She wants everyone to look at her in a sexual way, not just a husband. That makes it lose that special meaning for a husband and wife."
K: "Yeah, that wouldn't be so special."

We found an appropriate music video for the song that our family loves to sing. It has a power to it that is missing when Katy Perry sings it because this music video and the portrayal of their understanding of the song is appropriate and powerful. You can watch it here.

Our kids have so many opportunities for us to send a short, powerful, spiritual message through little things that happen in their lives. We just have to take the 30 seconds to stop and explain what is in our hearts and ask a few spiritually guided questions. The results will last a lifetime. I'll trade 30 seconds now for a lifetime. 

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