Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'Tis the Season

As my children are growing up I'm getting a lot more questions. It's not always easy to answer these questions about sexuality. As I have prepared myself, though, I feel much more confident in my responses. I'm also recognizing, with my children, the spirit that accompanies these conversations. 

Here is my conversation with my sweet six-year-old daughter right before Christmas:
A: Mom, I love baby Jesus. 
Me: I know you do sweetheart. Babies are so precious. 
A: Pause.....Mom, does it hurt to have a baby?
Me: Well, it hurts a bit. It's kind of like pulling a shirt that's too small for you over your head. It squeezes and feels really tight. A baby's head is pretty big and is coming through an opening that has to stretch for the baby to be born.
A: Oh.
Me: Right after you were born the doctor put you on my chest and I got to look into your sweet eyes and snuggle you close to my chest. It was such an amazing moment. I had already loved you in the womb, but now I could see that little face and my love for you grew. It was great to have a wonderful baby girl!
A: That must be happy!
Me: It was a very happy moment! I still love you tons, even more now.
A: I love you too, mom. I want to be a mom.
Me: That's a great goal. I get to be a grandma to your kids. We feel good right now, huh?
A: Yeah.
M: That's the spirit telling you that families and having babies are important. That's one of the greatest goals you can have.

This was an incredibly sweet moment. Some of the most spiritual moments I have with my children are surrounding discussions about family. This moment took about 2 minutes, but I pray that the feelings last a lifetime.