Monday, December 8, 2014

Continuing the Conversation

Recently, our almost 9-year-old turned to me and said, "Mom, will I grow facial hair like dad?"

We have recently had a refresher course on sex and he asked if his body would be able to produce children. Since this conversation was fairly recent, I was able to answer using what we had already talked about. Here's our conversation:

K: "Mom, will I grow facial hair like dad?"

M: Instead of just saying yes and leaving him to wonder how that all happens, I was able to give him a little more. "Do you remember when we talked about sex and how your body will start changing in a few years?"

K: "Oh yeah!"

M: "Well, when your body starts changing, one of the things that will happen is growing facial hair."

K: "Wow."

He was genuinely interested in my answer and I could tell he understood my explanation. It wasn't a huge discussion about everything that is going to happen to his body, but he is understanding that his body will change. He will be more prepared for a detailed explanation about puberty when we get there because he is already starting to think about it. He is already noticing differences between him and his dad, not out of curiosity because of differences, but connecting that to his own growth and maturing. There's a lot to cover when we hit puberty, so I'm grateful we're covering little pieces now. There won't be so much new information to discuss when it's time for pubertal details.

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