Saturday, February 15, 2014

Teachable Moments: Dino Had a Kitty!

Our sweet daughter was playing with me the other day. She decided that her dinosaur was going to have a kitty. I was fine with having a dinosaur give birth to a kitty, but thought this might make a great teaching moment.
A: Dinosaur is having a kitty.
M: Oh. What kind of babies do dinosaurs usually have?
A: Baby dinosaurs.
M: What kind of babies do cats have?
A: Kittens.
M: Why do you think Heavenly Father made it so that humans have human babies and dinosaurs have dinosaur babies?
A: Because, we need to grow up to be like our parents!
M: Yes, He wants us to try to become like Him, that's why we try our best to do what we know is right.
A: Yes!
M: Heavenly Father also made it so that our babies fit right. What would it be like if a kitty had a dinosaur baby?
A: The dinosaur would be too big for a kitty.
M: Right. And, dinosaurs lay eggs, but kitties give birth to babies.
A: Yup.

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