Saturday, February 15, 2014

How did the baby get in there? Part 2

How did that baby get in there?

Your child should already know
  • Correct names of body parts
  • Respect for all body parts and other people's body parts
  • How the baby grows in the uterus, what it does and how it eats
  • How the baby is born
  • How a baby gets started with a sperm and egg
Now you are ready to tackle one of the more "uncomfortable" discussions. However, remember that your child is probably not uncomfortable with it yet. It is a wonderful, rewarding experience! And, be prepared, you will have to explain it multiple times before they really understand it. Childen between ages 6-8 need this discussion. I'll tell you how we started this discussion with our son, and hopefully you will gain some inspiration for how to best approach your child.

My husband and I both took our son aside and let him know we had something special to talk to him about (we had been praying and fasting for this particular discussion - to be guided by the spirit). We wanted to talk to him together because we want him to know he can come to both of us with questions. We want to make sure he's comfortable coming to both mom and dad for sexual information.

We brought out our "What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby" and had him review what he alread knew. We corrected a few minor misunderstandings.

Mom and Dad: We talked about how a baby gets started with the sperm and egg, but do you ever wonder how the sperm and egg even get together?

K: Oh no. How do they? (He's never been inquisitive about this kind of stuff; our daughter, though, is very inquisitive).

This is where you explain the process. We started with connecting the body part with the cell, like penis and sperm and uterus and egg. Then, we explained that the opening used for birth, the vagina, is the way the sperm and egg have a chance to meet. The sperm comes out of the penis and into the vagina where it can go into the uterus (swims like a tadpole or fish) and meet the egg. Make sure they understand where body parts go! Then, make sure they understand that this act is called sex. When they hear the word at school or elsewhere, they will understand what it is and when it's being used inappropriately.

We didn't use any diagrams for this introduction, even just basic anatomy. We would have if he seemed confused about how the body parts connected. But, because we've been talking about birth for a while, he was already pretty familiar with body parts and we didn't feel he needed any anatomy pictures.

K: Eeeewww (Disgusted face; most kids this age think this idea is gross).

M & D: I know it sounds gross right now, but when you get older, you might change your mind. Do you have any questions?

We started to talk about how this was for more than just making babies, but K's eyes started to gloss over and he was on information overload.

The next few days he asked a few questions including:
K: What's it like for the sperm to come out?
M: (of course it was me home) It's kind of like when you pee. You have a special liquid that comes out of your penis that has sperm.

K: How does the sperm know when it needs to come out?
M: (again, me home) It's kind of like when your body tells you that you need to pee. There's a feeling you get and then it can come out.

Next, we'll be on to part 3 of How the baby got in there. Sex is about making babies, but you only have how many children? Sex is more than just for making babies........

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