Friday, January 17, 2014

A lesson

Our oldest son just turned 8. The other day he was watching a youtube video with his father. There was an advertisement on one side of the screen. The advertisment showed the back of a man with the top of his backside showing (plumber's crack). Our son's eyes kept being drawn to the advertisement. Here is our conversation:

Me: Is that interesting to look at?
Son: Yes.
He averted his gaze at this point.
Me: I can see how it's interesting to look at other people's bodies. Is this picture appropriate?
Son: No.
Me: Why?
Son: Because it's not modest.
Me: Right. What should we do when we see a picture that's not modest?
Son: Look away.
Me: Yes, and we listen to how we feel. Pictures like that can make us feel uncomfortable. We can pray to help us feel better. What do you do if a picture of someone that's not modest comes up on the computer and mom and dad are not right there?
Son: Close the computer right away (we have a laptop) and find mom or dad and tell them.

What a perfect little lesson in pornography!

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